Geckos are scary

I think I am going to do a series about living in Queensland, and this is as good a place as any to start. I’m also meant to be studying biochem, but what the hell, I’m on a roll.

So yes, it’s true. Those funny, little, ill-dressed crawlers are creepy.

To start, I’m from southern New South Wales where we don’t have geckos invading our daily privacy. But in making the leap to Queensland, I was not only to be shocked by weather, poor drivers and adorably funny accents perfected by the locals. But I was to take the insult of tiny, naked ninjas playing peeping-tom on my wall. I mean, who do they think they are?!

If you don’t know what a gecko is–look it up. But basically picture a pocket sized hairless cat that has been glue to the ceiling to leer at you. Or a dried out axolotl plastered to the window. Shh, I know, I know, already that’s pretty creepy, it’ll probably keep us all up at night now we have visualised it in those terms.
These little guys seem to think they’re moths, and will gather around your ceiling lamps to sing kumbaya. I do mean that literally. Until only yesterday I just thought it was a funny kind of bird that I was hearing–nope! It was geckos. Screeching out of a lung capacity I didn’t think were physically possible when you’re hanging 2 meters up-side down from some yokels smoke detector. Although, pushing physics to its limits seems to be a philos of theirs. I’m still convinced none of my lecturers are quite sure what Van der Waals forces are, but yet seem to cling to them as no scientist wants to pack up and go home to admit they’ve bested by wall lizards and should probably just take up a happy life of watercolour painting in Venice.
For now it appears as though there is nothing much to be done about these gecko creatures, only to hope that they at least learn some better manners from their cousin, the garden skink, and put on some decent clothes while stalking their generous residential hosts.

Okay, I think that’s me for today. Sorry, biochemistery. I got about as far as the Van der Waals wikipedia page to check the spelling–then closed the tab. We’ll try again later.



Getting this started / #TheReadingQuest!

Hey World–
Actually you know what it’s probably just me reading this, but whatever…

I’m fairly sure the idea of having a blog must only be so one can quote Barney from HIMYM of “This is totally going in my blog” when your best friend finally suits up.
But as I don’t think any of my friends have even a collective suit–(even if they all banded together),  I am (sadly) probably saved the liberty of quoting this line.
Why write keep blog? Well like so many I need to put my brain somewhere, and maybe it cease the constant chatting to myself as I walk down the street…which I think I do far to often for comfort.
At the beginning of this year I started a YouTube channel where I rant about one of my main wallet draining hobbies: books. I thought this would be a rather good platform for pouring my mind. But what I have come to realize of late is that unless you are a vlogger, having vague order in a video is very important. Hence the unstructured waves of my subconscious need to be tamed just a little when making one. Not having a good camera or anywhere very decent to film has been a big issue too. Causing me to wonder if I am adding at all to that lovely, ever hungry void that is the YouTube platform.
SO! Maybe writing a blog in which to empty my thoughts will help me be better focused when on camera…

…It looked like a plan in my head to begin with, okay!

ANYWAY. It is technically for two reasons that I am here today. Above being the first, and the second being still book related.
Because the beautiful art of book reviewing has many media platforms it inhabits, reading challenges tend to easily be found outside of your Austin book-clubs and YouTube: blogs have picked up the game too.

So without further ado, I am also here to announce to no one in particular, that I am taking part in #TheReadingQuest, created by the lovely Aentee from Read At Midnight. I suggest looking at the full perks and rules of the challenge on her original Blog post.

5 stages of

I’m playing at the Mage, and although I am trying not to box myself in (cause I have been doing boxed in TBR for the first half of this year and it hasn’t worked well) I do plan to (probably) read:

  • The Waking Land by Callie Bates
  • NeverNight by Jay Kristoff
  • The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
  • City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare
  • and The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen.

I am looking forward to this challenge!

Thank you so much to Aentee for coming up with this quest and a huge thanks to CW for her amazing art work for this event her page can be found here.

That’s probably about it for now, hopefully there aren’t too many typos in this– but who knows, I could start a Shakespearean-English aesthetic of guessing at spelling and grammar.

Keep standing on tables and preforming at the world ❤

~Always, Mae.